Jun Du

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Catalytic process and catalytic materials

Pollutant control and environmental catalysis

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1. Q. Zhang, J. Du* , A. B. He, Y. Yang, C. Y. Tao* , Cold plasma-activated AgCo surface in situ alloying for enhancing CO2 electroreduction to ethanol. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020, 8: 8410-8420.

2. Q. Zhang, A. He, Y. Yang, J. Du* , Z. H. Liu, C. Y. Tao* . Plasma-activated CoOx nanocluster supported on graphite intercalation compounds for improved CO2 electroreduction to formate. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7: 24337-24346.

3. Qiang Zhang, Jun Du*, Anbang He, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. High-selectivity electrochemical conversion of CO2 to lower alcohols using a multi-active sites catalyst of transition-metal oxides. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 34 (2019) 635-645.

4. Qiang Zhang, Jun Du, Anbang He, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Low overpotential electrochemical CO2 reduction to formate on Co3O4–CeO2/low graphitic carbon catalyst with oxygen vacancies. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 279 (2019) 120946.

5. Chaoneng Dai, Yue Qiu, Yu He,a Qiang Zhang, Renlong Liu, Jun Du*, Changyuan Tao*, Controlled synthesis of a Bi2O3–CuO catalyst for selective electrochemical reduction of CO2 to formate. New Journal Chemistry. 2019, 43, 3493-3499

6. Y. Qiu, J. Du, W. Dong, C. Dai, Z. Liu, C. Tao. Bismuth nano-flowers as a high selective catalyst for electrochemical CO2 to formate. Journal of the Electrochemical Sosiety. 2018,165 (10) : 594-600.

7. Yue Qiu, Bo Liu, Jun Du*, Qing Tang, Zuohua Liu, Renlong Liu, Changyuan Tao*. The monolithic cordierite supported V2O5–MoO3/TiO2 catalyst for NH3-SCR. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2016. 294: 264–272

8. Bo Liu, Jun Du*, Xiaowei Lv, Yue Qiu, Changyuan Tao. Washcoating of cordierite honeycomb with vanadia–tungsta–titania mixed oxides for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3. Catalysis Science & Technology. 2015.5(2):  1241-1250

9. Jun Du, Jing Shi, Zhengfei Li, Zuohua Liu, Xing Fan, Changyuan Tao.  Ionic liquid mediated CO2 activation for DMC synthesis.  Journal of natural gas chemistry. 2012. 214: 476–479

10. Bin Xie & Hang Luo & Qing Tang & Jun Du & Zuohua Liu & Changyuan Tao, The black rock series supported SCR catalyst for NOx removal. Environ Sci Pollut Res . 2017 (24): 21761–21769