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Renlong Liu, Professor, Party Secretary.

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Renlong Liu, born in February 1966, is a professor and doctoral supervisor in Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center, Chongqing University, secretary of the Party Committee in College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chongqing University, and vice president in Chongqing Chemical and Chemical Engineering Society.

Prof. Liu received his Master Degree from Chongqing University in Applied Chemistry in July 1988. He obtained his Doctoral Degree from Chongqing University in Steel Metallurgy in June 2004. He was a visiting scholar in University of Missouri-Columbia, United States from Sept., 2005 to Mar., 2006 and in Technische Universitat Dresden Institute, Germany from Nov. to Dec., 2006.

He has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the field of Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for years and has rich experience in the Green Development and Utilization of Mineral Resources, Chemical Process Strengthening Technology and Intelligent Equipment Research and Development, Pollutant Treatment, and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources. He has hosted over 10 national and local scientific research projects, including “National Science and Technology Support Program”, “National Natural Science Foundation of China–Yunnan Joint Fund”, “National Key Research and Development Program”, “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, “Chongqing Natural Science Foundation of China”, “Chongqing Basic Science and Frontier Technology Research Project”, etc. He also participated in over 20 important national and provincial science and technology projects, such as “National High-tech Development Research Program (863 Program)” key projects, “National Military Project”, “Chongqing Science and Technology Breakthrough Project”, “Chongqing 121 Science and Technology Support Demonstration Project” and so on. He has published more than 90 papers, including more than 40 SCI and EI papers. He has empowered 27 national invention patents and his research achievements have won two first prizes of Science and Technology Progress of Chongqing Municipality, one first prize of Science and Technology of China Circular Economy Association, one gold prize of patent of China Circular Economy Association, and one gold prize of China International Invention Exhibition.

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Research Interest:

(1) Green Exploitation and Utilization of Mineral Resources:

Carrying out theoretical, technological, and equipment innovations to solve the problems of low utilization rate, high energy consumption, and heavy pollution in the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, and forming own characteristics in the green exploitation and utilization of manganese, barium, vanadium, and phosphorus resources.

(2) Chemical Process Intensification and Intelligent Equipment Research:

Improving momentum, heat and mass transfer efficiency and enhancing chemical process capability through multiple field coupling strengthening of electric, microwave, and temperature fields by applying chaotic flow field simulation. Forming the characteristics in the fields of new theory, technology, and process of chemical process strengthening, especially in the intelligent reconstruction and development of chemical process strengthening equipment.

(3) Pollutant Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources:

Carrying out the research and development of pollutant control technology and equipment for the air pollution of coal–fired enterprises, focusing on the research and development of flue gas denitrification catalyst and regeneration, explore new theory, technology, and process of pollutant control. Carrying out research on the reduction, harmless and resource recovery of solid waste and forming theoretical system, developing complete sets of technologies and key equipment, and promoting applications. Carrying out technology research, equipment development and engineering practice to recycle

Major project:

[1] General project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: "study on multi field coupling strengthening mineralization and harmless mechanism of electrolytic manganese residue". (51274261)

[2] NSFC Yunnan joint fund: "Fundamental Research on Reduction Leaching of Pyrolusite by Microwave-flow Fields Coupled Intensification". (U1802255)

[3] National key research and development plan project "emission reduction and key equipment research and development of solid waste process with efficient utilization of phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine". (2019YFC1905802)

[4] Key projects of the national science and technology research plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology (national support plan): "Research and development of pollution control technology and equipment for coal-fired power plants - key technologies and equipment for two-stage flue gas denitration in coal-fired power plants".

[5] Key project of Chongqing Natural Science Foundation "Research on energy-saving mixing of multi field coupling enhanced stirred reactor". (cstc2012jjb90006)

[6] Chongqing basic science and cutting-edge technology research key project "Research on double salt control law and new emission reduction methods of electrolytic manganese residue". (c9tc2015jcyjBX0074)

[7] Chongqing Natural Science Foundation Project "study on mechanism and kinetic behavior of limestone reactor for fluorine-containing wastewater treatment". (CSTC2006BB7181)

[8] Chongqing Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on detoxification of chromium residue by microwave biomass method". (8425)

[9] Chongqing Education Commission science and technology project "Research on resource utilization of chlorinated organic wastewater". (KJ08A13)

[10] Chongqing Science and technology plan project "Research on Key Technologies of solid waste cementation, solidification and resource utilization in wet process phosphoric acid industry". (1026106020180147)

Selected Paper:

[1] Yuhe Zhou, Guocan Zheng, Renlong Liu*, Advanced oxidation processes for wet-process phosphoric acid: Enhanced phosphorus recovery and removal of organic matters[J]. Hydrometallurgy, 2022, 210.

[2] Renlong Liu*, Youqin Long, Yuhe Zhou, et al. Rigid-Flexible Combined Impeller Enhancement in Leaching of Phosphate Rock: A Kinetics Study[J]. ACS Omega, 2021, 48: 33206-33214.

[3] Geng Chen, Chunlin Jiang, Renlong Liu, et al. Leaching kinetics of manganese from pyrolusite using pyrite as a reductant under microwave heating[J]. Separation and Purification Technology, 2021.

[4] Renlong Liu*, Hongwei Wang, Zuohua Liu, et al. Electrokinetic remediation with solar powered for electrolytic manganese residue and researching on migration of ammonia nitrogen and manganese[J]. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 2020, 38.

[5] Bing Li, Jiancheng Shu, Renlong Liu, et al. An innovative method for simultaneous stabilization/solidification of PO4 3? and F? from phosphogypsum using phosphorus ore flotation tailings[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 235: 308-316.

[6] Jiancheng Shu, Wu Haiping, Renlong Liu*, et al. Simultaneous stabilization/solidification of Mn2+ and NH4+-N from electrolytic manganese residue using MgO and different phosphate resource[J]. Ecotoxico-ogy and Environmental Safety, 2018, 148: 220–227.

[7] Jiancheng Shu, Renlong Liu*, Zuohua Liu, et al. Enhanced discharge performance of electrolytic manganese anode slime using Calcination and pickling approach[J]. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2017, 806: 15–21.

[8] Jiancheng Shu, Renlong Liu*, Zuohua Liu, et al. Enhanced extraction of manganese from electrolytic manganese residue by electrochemical[J]. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2016, 780: 32-37.

[9] Chen Hongliang, Renlong Liu*, Zuohua Liu, et al. Immobilization of Mn2+ and NH4+-N from electrolytic manganese residue waste[J]. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2016, 2: 12352-12361.

[10] Jiancheng Shu, Renlong Liu*, Zuohua Liu, et al.Leaching of manganese from electrolytic manganese residue by electro-reduction, Environmental Tech-nology[J]. 2016. 12-17.

[11] Jiancheng Shu, Xiaolong Sun, Renlong Liu*, et al. Solidification/stabilization of electrolytic manganese residue using phosphate resource and low-grade MgO/CaO[J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2016, 317:267-274.

[12] Jiancheng Shu, Renlong Liu*, Zuohua Liu, et al. Simultaneous removal of ammonia and manganese from electrolytic metal manganese residue leachate using phosphate salt[J]. Journal of Cleaner Productio, 2016, 135:468-475.

[13] Chen Hongliang, Renlong Liu*, Jiancheng Shu, et al. Simultaneous Stripping Recovery of Ammonia-Nitrogen and Precipitation of Manganese from Electrolytic Manganese Residue by Air under Calcium Oxide Assist[J].Journal of Environmental Science and Health PartA-Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering, 2015, 50: 82-90.

[14] Jiancheng Shu, Xiaolong Sun, Renlong Liu*, et al. Electrokineti Remediation of Manganese and Ammonia Nitrogen from Electrolytic Manganese Residue[J]. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2015, 22: 16004-16013.

Major Patent:

[1] A method for fixing soluble manganese and ammonia nitrogen in electrolytic manganese slag. Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201310260888.8.

[2] A new method for the reduction and degradation of chlorinated organic wastewater by bimetallic powders. China Invention Patent, ZL201110417669.7.

[3] A method for secondary leaching of electrolytic manganese slag and manganese recovery. China Invention Patent, 201410107528.9.

[4] A kind of treatment method of ammonia nitrogen wastewater in electrolytic manganese process. China Invention Patent, 201410069647.x.

[5] An improved current efficiency and anti-crystallization of metallic manganese electrolyzer. China Invention Patent, ZL201010042022.6.

[6] A method for the recovery of manganese and magnesium from double salt crystals produced by electrolytic manganese process. China Invention Patent,201110049937.4.

[7] A device for leaching manganese ore to remove iron and a method thereof. China Invention Patent, ZL2009102509706.

[8] A method for leaching manganese sulfate from low-grade pyrolusite. China Invention Patent, 201110191394.x.

[9] A method for the harmless treatment of electrolytic manganese slag directly in the filter plate frame. Chongqing: CN104690080A, 2015-06-10.

[10] A rigid-flexible combined agitator for enhancing mineral leaching [P]. Chongqing: CN107433176A, 2017-12-05.


Major Award:

[1] Key technology of hydrometallurgical process strengthening and Recycling of low-grade manganese ore. 2017 The First Prize of Science and Technology of China Circular Economy Association.

[2] Chaos mixing enhancement technology and application in stirred reactor. 2016 The First Prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress.

[3] A kind of rigid and flexible mixing paddle. 2016 China International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal.

[4] Research and application of key technology of energy saving and emission reduction of electrolytic manganese metal. 2014 The First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Chongqing.